Ron Arad (1951) is among the most respected and influential designers working today, he is celebrated for his fluid, curvaceous style, crafting deceptively simple, highly skilled pieces from materials such as aluminium, bronze and steel. Defying easy categorisation, Arad's work consistently reinvents the everyday object, transforming it into something daring, witty and provocative. Bookshelves wind their way up walls, tables curve up corners, chairs unravel like ribbon, all retaining their essential function while questioning their perceived limitations. These playful but daring designs of everyday objects is also demonstrated in Ron's earrings which he based on his light 'Hot Ingo'. The polyamide spiral wrapped around a long rod has an ever-changing diameter. Either recoiling into a tight small ball or concertinaing out to span the length of the rod, these earrings can be distorted into a series of variations depending on individual style and taste. 



New Works by Ron Arad | Louisa Guinness Gallery | eCatalogue 2016                                                                   

A culmination of artist Ron Arad's most recent work in jewellery with Louisa Guinness Gallery. In the catalogue we focus on three separate projects; Rocks, Naja and Hot Ingo.


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