Stuart Haygarth with Sian Evans

Stuart Haygarth (1966) is a London based artist and designer. He was born in Whalley, Lancashire, UK in 1966. He attended Exeter College of Art and Design and graduated with a BA in graphic design and photography. He originally trained as a photographer and graphic designer but since 2004 he has been working on design  and art projects which revolve around the collections of objects. These objects are normally collected in large quantities categorized and assembled in a way that transforms their meaning. He collects from city streets, shorelines, flea markets and junk shops giving banal and overlooked objects a new significance. Magical and evocative stories are created through powerful visual statements which take shape as chandeliers, installations and sculptures.


Sian Evans is a jeweller, designer, collector, academic and craftswoman. She's fascinated by how social status is conveyed through dress codes and the adorned body. Her passions are learning and teaching, humanity, the adorned body, archaeological history and culture. She is intrigued by how we humans (mostly unknowingly) convey social status by dress codes, that subtle unspoken language which speaks volumes and in an instant can mean acceptance or alienation. She launched her first gold jewellery collection in April 2012. The 18ct gold and diamonds in the new work are ethically sourced. The pieces are rare, very limited in production and are made using the skills and care of seasoned British craftsmen.